A Happy Adventure About the Shoe “Joe”
A Happy Adventure About the Shoe “Joe”

Hello, Today I will talk about a story of a shoe. His name is Joe. A very interesting thing happened when a man buy from my home-the shoes shop. I started my adventure with the man. What a fun I feel about this adventure. It makes feel love and warm heart about a farther and a son.

It all started when we were taken off the shelves from an expensive shoe store in London by a poor man. I am already have unpatience about my life. As a shoe, it is my destiny. All my beautiful look was depend on the people who wants to buy. The poor man picked me off first and looked at me, turning me over and over. I guessed that he may choose a gift for his son on the upcoming Chirstmad Day. ‘Ah,’ he said. ‘Just £69.99! That’s as expensive as it gets.’

After some seconds hesitate, he choosed me. I am not so excited to be packed into the box. There were some papers on the box and I didn't know where should I go.

I saw through the one hole in the box that the man walked out of the shop with us. I thought he walks on the home, but he changed direction and went into the cake shop. Wow, it was a cake shop. I guessed wrong about the gifts of Chiristmas Day,  of course it is a birthday gift. I love birthday so much although we didn't experience before and I love the people's smile on birthday.

At last, I met my host the boy Sam. He apprecited me which was bought by his farther. I knew that he was very happy and I can feel the warm heart in my body. Luckily, I met a good host who would protect me well. A good smlie also appeared in my face. Nice Joe, perfect shoes. You are the best one.

We will buy many different styles of shoes in the long life. It is the best if it is comforatble for your feet. Get the perfect shoes for yourself. Keep smile and keep moving.

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