The Shoes Kobe Wore In The Last Season Before His Death
The Shoes Kobe Wore In The Last Season Before His Death
Kobe's farewell trip and the sneakers that followed became an important part of his last season. Throughout Kobe's departure, the top guard will give other NBA players a pair of his sneakers. The sneakers he presented were the beautifully designed Kobe 11. This pair of Kobe 11 shoes is a designer's dream which was woven with thermoplastic polyurethane threads, Kobe 11 shoes has become another bright spot in Kobe's forward thinking series. Chris Palmer of Bleacher Report described the details of Kobe's sneaker story and his willingness to send signature shoes after each game. "When Kobe gave out signature sneakers this season, LeBron James, Paul George and Draymond Green were overjoyed, and then hurriedly posted photos on social media, praising Kobe’s influence on their career and status in history. ." The story behind Kobe 11 is not just about the brilliance of shoes. This is about career, and the act of giving back. No one will forget the No. 24 and the pair of shoes he wore.

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